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Today I did an interview with News 12 Long Island regarding the passing of the Child Victims Act 1/28/19

Please view the Interview link below. I feel this passing of the CVA is an improvement but is still geared toward protecting the criminal and not the victim, Child abuse of any kind is a horrific nightmare that never goes away.

In most cases statistically proven victims do NOT come forward until their later 30's-50-s

How does limiting a victim on time frame of when they can receive just be legal, moral or ethical in anyway?

Especially in my case and probably so many others the legal system did not do the right thing. Nor was I provided with any information as to the verdict of the founded abuse or the laws and procedures and time limits to follow. I was only a child. No one told me that my abusers were never punished nor was I told I only had until I was 23!

Why were my rights not protected? Why weren't my violent physical, mental & sexual abusers punished for their crimes on a MINOR???

Please keep sharing this article from News 12 to help COMPLETELY REMOVE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON ALL FORMS OF CHILD ABUSE

So please help me make a difference in over 40,000 victims of in NY Lives.





It really means the world to me. Its the story of my life unfortunately and something I tried avoid talking about.

I have a hard time dealing with things sometimes so instead of just "dealing with it"

I did something about it and created my own Nonprofit Organization called

Justice for the Forgotten and Future Americans Inc.

News 12 has been contacting me for a while trying to get me to do an interview.

I've been declining but sending them other Political Advocates i work with and victims.

they called me Friday asked me to interview again. I was invited to go to watch the law be voted on and go to the press conference and celebration. News 12 insisted they needed to interview someone on Long Island and wouldn't be attending in Albany.

So I did what I thought was best to help others, I have years worth of research and info waiting to get out.

Please check out my NonProfit Facebook Page

Many of you don’t know what I have been through or what is currently going on with my step mother who brutally beat myself and little sister, my mother and now abusing and neglecting my terminally ill father who is a Marine Vet.

My step mother started her psychotic abusive rampage on my family over 37 years ago when I was only 4 years old and she is still continuing it today!She has mental heath issues and works in the mental health field.

She was previous married to a police officer who ended up lighting himself on fire and killing himself. After seeing my step mother evil behavior first hand... I think I understand why he took his life that way. She also has had many sexual relationships with police officer which she abuses their power as well as her own in the mental health field and manipulates the legal system to benefit her own twisted needs.

I have witnessed this first hand from a very young age (4)

I remember her beating my mother in front of myself, sisters, cousins and neighbors that my mother grew up with. My step mother showed up at my grandfathers house tried taking myself and sisters from my mom and viciously attacking her to the point she ripped my moms dress open and her breasts came out in front of everyone.

Not something any child should see, add insult to injury the step monster than called her police connections on my mom and had her arrested! This happened over and over for years! Until she and my father took myself and sisters from my mother without her consent had her arrested in front of us the final time before having my mother locked away in a mental health facility.

Us girls were taken out to California to live with my fathers side of the family. My fathers mother had a very cold side to her as well and according to my uncle my step mother and grandmother who neither liked or got along with many people were fast friends.I found the power of attorney 30+ years later that my father and step mother had issued relinquishing custody to my grandparents and the kicker...

There was something written in that they could discipline us as needed, giving permission to beat us more.

Some how by the grace of god my grandfather in my moms side was able to get my mom out to us in California. By this point not only was she sick... but so was I.From all the stress and the false promise of my father that he would return soon and never did took a major affect on me. Not only was I severely depressed and couldn’t/wouldn’t move but I Physically couldn’t. I went to so many doctors and no one could figure out why a previously perfectly healthy little girl was so sick. I wasn’t able to eat or keep food down.

I remember my mother would carry me on her back (because my dad left us without a car or any type of support other than his family providing for us) she would give me piggy backs to her job at Wendy’s while I threw up the entire way. I would sit at a table by myself for hours because my poor mom had no one to watch us and my fathers family went above and beyond to try and help.

After that a serial rapist murder broke into the empty apartment we just moved into. He came in the window where myself 5 and two sisters 3 & 10 years old were sleeping. He stepped on my sister bed and crept into the living room after my mother.

Thank god she saw someone peeping in the windows and grabbed a knife. He than proceeds to attack my mother and sliced her hand in the struggle almost all the way through between her thumb and forefinger. My eldest sister came running out with no fear because someone was hurting her mother. She kicked him as hard as she could in his crotch and by a miracle he ran away!

After that we were dumped into church shelters and homeless shelters. I remembering laying on a metal gurney in pitch black dark and being scared. The church would lock us in with a huge gate at night. My mother couldn’t take it anymore and reached out to a believe a social worker. There was a late night escape plan where the social worker snuck us under the gate and we were taken to the airport and back to the only home we knew back to New York.

But things didn’t improve that’s not what the step monster wanted. We spent years dealing with her Psychotic attacks on our sweet innocent mother and abuse of her connections with the police and mental health field. Constantly in family court and Foster Care with policemen ripping myself and 2 sisters away from our mother hysterically crying.

Well the monster thought she finally won we she received custody of myself and my little sister. Than had my mother committed for 3 years to a mental health facility. We begged to see our mom and were told that “Your mother is in the nut house where she belongs!”

At first the step witch was tying to impress my father because she wanted to move into a house with him instead of the trailer she was living in. So in the beginning she put on an act and bought us somethings and tried “pretending” to be a caring parent. This was very short lived. Not long after she got the house she wanted is when she turned her psychotic war path on myself maybe 10? And baby sister 8.

She beat us with belts, 2x4’s, would line us up daily and beat the living shit out of us, starved us, locked us in the basement with no bathroom, hit us with a roofing staple gun and savagely strangled my little sister in-front of me over her bowl of cereal. My father had to pry her hands off her neck! And had to have a physical altercation with her to keep her from literally choking my poor sister to death.

My sister went to the school we were at at the time Albany Ave in Lindenhurst the social worker went to CPS and after 3 years of brutal abuse back into Foster Care we went!

I spent the remainder of my childhood from 12-17 in the Foster Care system in over 20 homes. Unfortunately the majority should never have had children in their care either. More abuse of all types and the main reason for taking us in was told for the money.

This went on until I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Even though all these crazy things were going on I was still a straight A honor role/regents student. A foster care social worker told me that I couldn’t go to college because they didn’t offer scholarships to foster kids they only provide $700 and that doesn’t even cover books!

He could Of told me that I qualify for academic or sports scholarships which Would of changed my life.

At that point I dropped out of high school, I didn’t take the SAT’s I gave up.

I had enough of the dysfunctional system set up to “help” children. I emancipated when I was 17. I had my own apartment at first with my boyfriend but that turned into a bad situation and again was in homeless shelters.

I have worked hard ever since working 2 jobs at a time for years. As well as taking care of my mother while she was battling with severe mental issues and struggling to keep jobs to provide her care.If I had proper guidance this would not of been the way my life went for the last 24 years.

But the step monster never stopped. The entire time we are in foster care, after and including currently whenever we would call the house or go to see our father she would physically attack us or scream at the top of her lungs like a lunatic that we were not allowed to see our father let alone call the house.

The psycho even went as far as using a typewriter to write a letter to my 10 year old baby sister. The letter said we were not allowed to see our dad until we told the social workers that we were lying!

Fast forward to recent events my father is terminally ill he is a skeleton of the marine he once was. He has had double lung surgery among many others.

He is in the “care” of this monster!

He called us once to help bring him to the hospital. My step monster being a nurses aid knows that when someone has COPD attack they need help right away or it caused irreparable damage or death. She left him in this state where he was gasping for air to go to their nonprofit parrot club meeting. When we found our father he was in the garage sucking on an air compressor. I rushed him to the VA hospital and did not leave until he received not only the care he needed but nebulizer and medication he needed which his “caring wife” should of made sure he had YEARS before this.

These types of events continued where my father repeatedly called me for help. To bring him to the hospital or to bring him food because the monster would leave him unattended, unable to move out of his chair without food or medication that he needed.

I have been voice recording/videoing our conversations and interactions between myself, father and step monster for years. I contacted Adult Protective Services as well as many other programs and government agencies. I have written letters, emails, phone calls and NO ONE WILL HELP!

How is this legal for someone to brutally beat and ruin my poor mothers life, myself, sisters and now my dying father?? She’s an Abusive bully who manipulates the legal, police and mental health systems and hides behind our current laws!

The last time I saw my father was 8/18/18 he called my sister frantically saying “please come now with a truck she’s throwing me out with all of my stuff and trying to have me committed and deemed incompetent”

I explained to my dad I had other issues going on and was afraid to get in trouble. I knew and I was afraid of the In inevitable if I went to that house. I knew the second she saw me that she would attack me and then call the police on me like she has done our entire lives.

My father begged me and said he was finally going to stand up to her and call the police. I voice recorded all phone calls and the moment I got there until I left.

When I arrived my father was sitting on the curb in the heat on his oxygen gasping for air, no shoes on with his belongings.

He instructed me to call the police. I did what he asked. No sooner did I hang up the phone...

The monster emerged from The house like a bat out of hell. Screaming like a maniac for me to “leave get the fuck out of here your not allowed on my property” while she was Physically lunging towards me in an aggressive manner like she was going to attack me like she usually does.

I told her I wasn’t on her property that I was on the street which is public property. And that I was there to help my father because he called me that he needs my help. She continued to scream and act an aggressive manner and yell “he doesn’t need your help get the fuck out of here! I’m calling the police“ I told her good I already called the police and that they’re going to arrest her for being a psycho abusive person.

And the police finally arrived my father and myself explain to them what was going on that she was not only kicking him out of the house but throwing out all of his belongings into the garbage and giving his things away collectible items like she has been doing for years anticipating his death so she can financially gain all of their property and assets.

At first the police were helpful and told myself and my two friends that came to assist me that we were allowed to park their truck at the edge of the property. We started moving my father’s items into my friends truck. Then the step monster came out like a raging lunatic. Making up ridiculous false accusations about me.

She then goes up to the police officers and tells them how she doesn’t want me on or near her property that she has police connections and that they’re on their way shortly. (All on voice recording ) After my step monster mentioned to the officers on duty that she had a police connection their demeanor changed toward myself, my friends who are helping, and my terminally ill Marine Corps veteran father.

We were then told that we had to move the truck to the other side of the street to accommodate the psycho. And that we had to wait to remove my father and his personal items. My father told me to go near the truck while my stepmother was telling the officers who have police connection was.

The officers then proceeded to become very nasty with me and threatening to arrest me while I was trying to make sure my father was able to breathe properly because his oxygen tank was running out of air.

My step monster thought the police left and didn't see the one car sitting on the side of the house behind the fence and large trees. she then took a huge garbage bag filled with cat iron objects and glass collectible that my father had and hurled it at me intentionally as hard as she could. She hit me so hard you could hear the glass breaking on my foot. My foot immediately started bleeding and turned red and swollen. The officers watched this happen.

I told them I wanted to press charges on her their reply was "We didn't see anything" and refused to put it in their report or arrest her or bring any action against her!

I kept asking for that to be in the report they just yesed me and told me that it would be in the full report. My father also requested charges to be brought on her for purposely damaging his property while they watched her forcefully smash my fathers belongings over and over and did nothing!

After the first set of police officers left my father tried to go home with me and then he realized he didn’t have the keys to his house and he was scared that she was going to lock them out and change the locks. My father said to call the police again and to have them come back to the house but he wants to get in the home to at least get a pair of shoes and his house keys.

My father got impatient because he couldn't;t breathe and ran out of oxygen and was tired of waiting for the police to arrive. So he decided he was going to call the monster and tell her to let them into the house so he could get his keys. She then started screaming at him no you chose your daughter Rebecca you didn’t stick up for me go home with her!

He then decided to make his way to the home so he can get his oxygen his keys and a pair of shoes. I slipped the voice recorder into my father’s pocket with his knowledge. The conversation he had with my stepmother still breaks my heart to this day!

He rang the doorbell and asked my step monster to answer the door so he could get in because he couldn’t breathe and he had to use the bathroom also to get his keys and shoes.

She continued to scream like a lunatic saying how my father chose me over her! How he didn’t stick up for her in front of the police that he took my side so go home with your daughter! That she’s already called adult protective services, his social worker and that they were going to take him and put him away!

Stepmother has not only threatened and followed through with having someone falsely arrested and institutionalized such as my mother. But she has also threatened to do the same thing to me. She is now doing this to my father and there is nothing that I can do at the moment to stop her.

I’ve been trying for years contacting all types of programs, agencies, elected officials. I’ve made phone calls, emails, written letters for years to even Governor Como's office with no action.

After I left my fathers house because he was afraid to leave and had nowhere else to go no money no access to anything I step mother controls everything. Including their nonprofit funds as well as his Social Security. The only small nominal fun He has at the moment to his name without liquidating assets.

As heartbreaking and Traumatic as that was rehashing old memories of abuse that we’ve suffered for years at the hands of the psychotic manipulative evil person. It doesn’t end there. I did nothing other than go to my fathers aid on August 18, 2018. The day after I left an officer arrived at my home and handed me an order of protection. And order of protection from the step monster to me. She falsely claimed that I “threatened to kill her several times”.

In today’s modern world of technology if someone were to do something of that nature they would be emails text messages voice recording or video because her house is completely covered and cameras.

There was no such proof because this Never happened! My step monster made this up just to keep me and my sisters and my father’s family away from my father. So no one can help him when he needs help!

I went to family court and I explain to them the situation of how not only was my stepmother the aggressor. She physically attacked me in front of my two friends, my father and two police officers. I had a written statement from myself and my friend who is present who witnessed the entire thing as well as a voice recording of the entire incident. The initial judge miraculously was myself and sisters law guardian when we were in foster care.

My step mother requested a stay away order of protection. The judge refused stating that we have a sick family member in that household and that she would absolutely not allow that to happen.

My stepmother then proceeded to tell the judge that I violated the temporary order of protection already. The. Judge asked if she had a police report to prove this. The step monster said no. The judge got irate and said you mean to tell me you have an order of protection she violated and you have no police report. The judge said absolutely not this is not happening in my quart room.

We left off with the judge that I wanted time to think about what we were going to do. The options we were given war we could either both drop our order Of protections, keep the order of protection’s which were only stay away Or take it to a hearing. Which would be drawn out for two years in court I will be a very expensive expensive process.

I asked to have several days to think about it and was told that we would get the same options upon our return. But the judge felt that If she handled our case that it would be deemed biased since she was our law guardian years ago.

We were rescheduled to go several days after to a referee to mediate to prevent us from having to get lawyers to peacefully handle the situation. That’s not the case. We were then shuffled to two other Court rooms and when we finally were in front of the referee she kept going on and on about how she was so mad that she got dumped with more workload.

The referees then got nasty and basically forced us both to hire attorneys. Which we both did.

What happen next is something that I’m still having a hard time dealing with. The judge asked when was the last time I saw my father I told her August 18 of 2018. We were then told that regardless of our situation which she didn’t even hear out of either side that she was going to issue fall stay away orders of protection.

This is exactly what the step monster wanted and exactly what myself my sisters my father and my father’s family did not want. I received a phone call shortly after from a police department. They were asking me to come in that they needed to talk to me about the incident that happened on November 5 of 2018.

I asked the officer to elaborate on this incident that supposedly happened on November 5. He told me he couldn’t tell me about it over the phone that I would have to come talk to him in person. That is involved in incident with me in my car. I told him point-blank that this was probably bullshit and it pulls violation of the order of protection because I have barely left my house.

Thank God my attorney got involved contacted the police department and told them exactly what I said that he thought it was a false violation of an order protection and oddly enough I haven’t heard anything else about this at the moment.

This isn't over and she’s not going to stop my step monster is an abusive, psychotic, evil person who manipulates the legal system to benefit her own psychotic twisted games. I need your help in protecting myself, my elderly terminally ill father and family from further abuse at this woman’s hands.

I think 37 years of horrendous torment is more than enough for any one person/family to have to endure.

So please I beg you to please keep signing and sharing my petition, please keep sharing liking my social media pages and posts. Please help me help my father I would like to see him before he passes away. Or be allowed to go to his funeral if he does.


Please help me make right what has been so wrong in my entire life. Please help me change the laws to help not only myself but over 40,000 victims of abuse in New York and over 1 million US.

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